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Bensizwe Sarl is a provider of HR services to businesses. Created since 2008, Bensizwe is a Congolese company specializing in the administration and management of human resources. It offers a wide range of consultancy services adapted to the needs of economic operators.

Bensizwe vise à être une entreprise de consultance de premier rang en Afrique. Elle est une multinationale ayant notamment des opérations en RDC, Afrique du Sud et Namibie .

Its main focus is improving efficiency and building human capacity. Bensizwe draws its competitive strength from a combination of recruitment solutions, business processes and communication initiatives as well as solutions that ensure the growth of performance and branding of organizations.


Career Development and Internship Programs for Community Capacity Building. We invest in finding solutions that can help local communities to succeed.

Over the past ten years, Bensizwe has positioned itself as an organization that supports young graduates by offering them their first professional experience (internships and career development).

Bensizwe offers a gateway to the labor market in  Democratic Republic of Congo where majority of young people are unemployed.

Apart from job opportunities, BENSIZWE offers the internship to the most bright students of DRC. The company has sealed partnerships with the best local universities to create a niche "For those who deserve it the most based on their excellent university studies".

In addition, the company rewards top performing interns by placing them to our various partners and clients or automatically directing them to a career development program.

This program introduces young people with no work experience into the labor market.
Personal Development and Individual Growth are Bensizwe's key values management human capital management.

opens its doors to young students from all backgrounds, especially those from disadvantaged socio-cultural backgrounds, offering them daily (temporary) or fixed-term placements in various multinational corporations operating in Democratic Republic of Congo. This program also aims to support and mentor the brightest new recruits in their professional career, from the beginning to the next level.

The success of this program is measured by evaluating the progress of agents throughout their career with performance management and career development programs.
In addition, by providing a Platform that empowers the most vulnerable young people to develop their first time management professional experience, offering them opportunities to sign employment contracts and to build their multiple skills and abilities through activities such as: free English classes, special training in supervised work, sales, communication, marketing and customer service.

July 18 of each year marks Nelson Mandela Day, celebrating and honoring the world heritage of icon Nelson Mandela. As a strong supporter of social empowerment, Bensizwe contributes to the initiative through donations, moral edification and services to schools; because according to Nelson Mandela himself, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

Provide global standard services and effective business solutions.

To be the leader in the management of the workforce and in the consultancy.

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